The El Search Party Are Launching A Massive Attack on This Titan!

Heya adventurers! This is gonna be a week full of exciting events, awesome rewards, and TONS of new goodies! First up we have the 5th and last installment of the new Rigomor dungeon! Gather your strongest comrades because this is a raid for the best of the best inside a titan’s grotto!

Next, Ariel has got some special coins to give you! And what are these coins for, you ask? Why, for the rewards of course!

And for something extra exciting – PVPers, it’s your time to shine again! Battle it out with the best of best and fight for glory and K-Ching at PVP League 3!

More details coming this week so stay tuned! And as always don’t forget to check out the plethora of awesome new stuff we have at the Item Mall!

Rigomor: Titan’s Grotto Event

Your journey inside the Demon Realm has led you to the Titan’s Grotto! There are plenty rewards to be had for everyone!

  • Your one-time login on 9/11 – 9/17 will guarantee a [Cobo] Portable Energy Coil (7 Days) and a [Cobo] Titan’s Grotto Dungeon Title Trial Cube which contains two new wonderful titles!
  • Plus, there are daily and weekly rewards that add to your Spectral Amethyst savings and a new item called the Titan’s Grotto Key! As long as you complete the required dungeon runs, of course!

Ariel’s Coin Event

All you need is one coin each to get rewards such as [Luriel] Shining Mystic Stone Random Cube, [Luriel] EXP 100% Boost Medal, [Luriel] Elrianode Defense Requests, and more! And all you have to do is clear a dungeon within your level! It’s super simple!

Item Mall Goodies

We heard your pleas and requests! The most iconic pet now comes in 14 wonderful varieties! Get your Hedgehog Pet when it comes out and begin matching it to your character!

There’s a whole new world to explore but we’re not doing it on foot! Behold! This Shaviana Rug will match your stunning Shaviana set but also take you to places!

Make your guild into a fun underwater abode where members can gather and have fun! Get the Guild Skin: Aqualand when it comes out!

And Laby’s all ready to be your swim team’s ace! Dress her in Hamel Swim Team soon!

Slumber parties are better when Ain and Laby are cuter! Cop these adorable Animal Pajamas and make your sleepless nights relaxing!

Elrios Livestreaming Service

It’s time for the FINAL Dungeon of Rigomor – The Legendary Titan’s Grotto and our E.L.S Streamers are more than ready to take on the challenge!
Watch them this week at these times for epic game-play, prizes and more!

Recalescent | Wednesday 09/11 – 3:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM ET

Heckton | Thursday 09/12 – 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

MeteorFalcon | Thursday 09/12 – 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET

SenAkari | Sunday 09/15 – 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET

RoughHouse | Sunday 09/15 – 3:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM ET

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

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