Get Hyped! Varnimyr & Rigomor Improvements Are HERE!

Heya adventurers! After the characters have gained power, it’s time for some more improvements – but this time the improvements are for Rigomor & Varnimyr! You won’t believe it until you try but we made sure it’s easier for everyone to reach end game power! Don’t take our word for it, though – go out there and run those raids and all these newly reworked dungeons! Also, login every day for the awesome Attendance Event to get rewards daily! And as always, don’t forget to check out plenty of the new stuff we have at the Item Mall!

Rigomor and Varnimyr Improvement

Get ready for MASSIVE changes to Varnimyr and Rigomor Regions (including Rewards)! Enjoy Adjusted difficulty levels, an easier time getting the Flames of Judgement weapon, changes in reward acquisitions and more! You’ll find plenty of these improvements exciting and refreshing!

  • What’s more exciting is the 2x Drop Rate specifically for Varnimyr Raid so you can take full advantage of these improvements!

Attendance Event

Rewards? Everyday? If that’s not super epic, I don’t know what is! Login daily to cop useful items and get extra rewards from your accumulative days of login! Go for it!

Item Mall Goodies

Join the class of nobility just by donning the right clothes! Become one of the El Gang and show off! Get the Lord Academy set when it comes out!

Laby is the cutest doll to have ever dolled! She’s energetic and bubbly with no need for batteries! Make her cute level rise! Get the Laby: Stuffed Toy when it comes out!

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

Recent Entries:

Chill & Watch Noah’s Street Performance with Your Ominous Evil Eye!

Heya adventurers! Last week sure was a hectic event week, wasn’t it? Well, if you all know by now, after a jam-packed week we transition to a sort of chill week to let you enjoy and finish the new or on-going events before we hit you new ones! So for now, take a peek and check out what we have in store at the Item Mall for y’all!


Oh My Stars! It’s Time to Welcome Noah’s 2nd Path and Divine with the Skies!

Heya adventurers! Noah’s 2nd Path is just around the corner and it’s going to be an extra star-studded event! Check out what events and rewards we have for you this week and the following weeks because, boy, it’s gonna be another jam-packed week! And as always, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall so you can see what we have in store for you this time around!   Noah 2nd Path Event Just as the stars have divined, Noah's newest path has been opened and with his arrival, he brings in amazing rewards! Login for 30 minutes and 60 minutes respectively to get these Noah exclusive items: Noah Diorama and a Harque Ebalon Voice Speaker (90 Days)! Excited to play as Noah? Good! Because when you keep leveling up Noah from 1 to 99, you’ll get rewarded for every 10-level milestone you reach! So, go on and get this boy to MAX! But that’s not all, spend your weekends (PST) with Noah, to get a [Cobo] Sage’s Magic…


More Noah Items on the Loose! Get ‘Em While They’re Here!

Heya adventurers! It’s a pretty chill week for you this week so you can finish what y’all need before we roll out another massive update! But as a reminder, in case anyone forgot, here’s a recap: remember to log-in before the Moonlight Gala event ends! Finish that board and don’t miss the rewards that pour in at every step!


What’s That? More Noah Items Are Coming at You!

Heya adventurers! How are you loving Noah and his 1st Path? They aren’t even done yet so you can get more from his welcoming events! But for this week we’re releasing more Noah Items so he wouldn’t get left behind in the fashion department!


Out of the Shadows and Into the Streets of Elrios! Noah is Just Around the Corner!

Heya adventurers! We know you’re super excited to meet Noah because we are too! The best part is that when he finally arrives our newest boy will come bearing gifts of the best caliber! We’ve got tons of EPIC events for you to join in so you can get your hands on TONS of rewards not only for our moon child here but for the rest of the gang as well! So, stay tuned! And as always, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for all the wonderful things we have in-store this week, including items for Noah!   Moon Shadow Noah Release We’re pulling all the stops to welcome the El Search Party’s newest member! He’s bringing tons of new items and rewards for everyone! Login for 30 minutes and 60 minutes respectively to get these Noah exclusive items: Noah Diorama Light and a Harque Ebalon Voice Speaker (90 Days)! Excited to play as Noah? Good! Because when you keep leveling up Noah from 1 to 99,…


The El Search Party Sings a Chorus of Cheers for the New Year!

Heya adventurers! Happy New Year to everyone! We’ve ended the old year with tons of events and rewards and we’ll definitely have more at the start of the new year! However, for this week, we’ll let you have a bit of a downtime before we bombard you with exciting events and TONS of rewards once again! That doesn’t mean you get to fully relax just yet because you still have to Pre-Register for Noah to get your hands on exclusive items before he comes out! And then there are Noah-related events to give you a chance to win K-Ching! Plus, the Full Growth Support Event is still on-going where you can nab amazing things like Pets, Accessory sets, consumables, Epic weapons, and so much more! And then last but not the least, don’t forget to check out what we have at the Item Mall for you! Item Mall Goodies The El Search Party will be singing your ears off as they don their new Elrios Choir Costume Suits! The…

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