The Full Moon Will Rise Soon… Prepare for Noah’s Last Path with the Pre-Event!

Heya adventurers! It’s an action-packed week because of the amount of things we have for you! Here’s a few reminders before you get all hyped up with this week’s events: Don’t forget, there’s still the Enhancement Event and Treasure Hunter Event going on! Keep logging in and doing quests to receive EPIC goodies! And not only are the events packed but also the Item Mall! Don’t forget to take a peek because we have TONS of new stuff not only for Noah but for the rest of the El Search Party as well!

Noah 3rd Path Pre-Event

Noah’s last path is coming soon but we want you to be prepared for another awesome path! Get ready to greet the Full Moon and be blinded by its light!

  • Login for 20 mins to get NEW Full Moon Orbs! You can test ‘em out immediately during battle!
  • Get 2 Full Moon Shards when you clear dungeons within your level range. You can use these to exchange for cool items like: Phoru’s Foot Stamp (Gold), Sage Magic Stones, Dungeon Entrance Tickets, and more!

Noah ELSTAR Trainee Locker Room Event

Noah’s about to train to become part of the ELSTAR group! But first, he needs his training uniform to train! Successfully open the lockers to collect Clothing Tags so you can exchange them for costume pieces! And even if you fail to open a locker, you’ll still get an Exchange Ticket so you can exchange them for items!

Item Mall Goodies

The El Search Party coming in hot with this red and fiery Ice Burner! The best part? For a limited time, players have a chance to acquire MORE Eligos Ice Burner because it’s the new featured Ice Burner for the Treasure Hunt Event!

This new mount is extremely wooly and fluffy! But don’t be fooled Mount: Pom Pom is a strong ride that can deal damage! Meet this ride when it comes out!

Fight the cold Elrios winter by staying at home and keeping warm! Decorate your El House as a warm and welcoming abode with the DIY El House: Snuggly Winter Set!


And there’s more fun rest motions and costumes for Noah to enjoy! Beat the cold by dressing up warm with Noah Winter Casual Sets! 

Need to hug for warmth while you rest? Choose between the Snuggly Seal or the Cuddly Seal! Premium versions have extra cute animations!

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

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Heya adventurers! How’d you like Part 1 of our QoL updates? We hope y’all are loving it because we’ve got more quality-of-life updates coming this week that’ll make your endgame life much, much easier! And as always, don’t forget to take a gander at the Item Mall this week because there’s a few fun stuffs coming in for Spring that we know you’ll love!   Quality of Life Events: Part 2 Test out the latest QoL update and your time spent in-game trying out these changes will be rewarded! Your daily 30 minutes of login will reward you with a [Cobo] Quality of Life Support 2 Cube that contains [Luriel] Adventurer Support Potions and a [Luriel] Dungeon Entrance Ticket Selective Cube! So you can choose which dungeons you wanna hangout in! Your weekends will be even better! When you login for 60 minutes, you’ll get a [Cobo] Quality of Life Special Support 2 Cube! When opened, it has Spectral Amethysts, [Luriel] Chlorite Seeds (5%) and other special goodies! So,…


Noah Puts the Awe in Awesome!

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Streamlining Your Gameplay! Part 1 of Quality-of-Life Improvements are HERE!

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Chill & Watch Noah’s Street Performance with Your Ominous Evil Eye!

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Oh My Stars! It’s Time to Welcome Noah’s 2nd Path and Divine with the Skies!

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More Noah Items on the Loose! Get ‘Em While They’re Here!

Heya adventurers! It’s a pretty chill week for you this week so you can finish what y’all need before we roll out another massive update! But as a reminder, in case anyone forgot, here’s a recap: remember to log-in before the Moonlight Gala event ends! Finish that board and don’t miss the rewards that pour in at every step!

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