Have a Howling Good Time with a NEW Pet: Fenrir!

Heya adventurers! How are you enjoying the Profession revamp? You better be hauling in those rewards quick because there’s only a few days left before the event ends and the goodies disappear! So, this week will be a chill week so you can concentrate on testing out and experiencing what the Profession Revamp has to offer! And as always, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for all the goodies coming out this week!


Item Mall Goodies

Get ready for a mischievous little wolf coming at you very soon! Get this new pet Fenrir and have him track your enemies and fight them!


Noah gets to suit-up in an epic mecha IB! Complete the Noah Nasod Battle Suit MK2 available in 2 colors when it comes out!


Does Noah like fighting or farming? We know it’s definitely both! Especially with this Light Denim Overalls! Go for a casual farm look while you fight enemies!

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

Recent Entries:

The Balancing Continues with TONS of Rewards as You Test ‘Em Out!

Heya adventurers! We’ve got a big update coming in this week! We’re doing a few but very useful changes to ERP and we’ve also balanced some characters and skills, so your gameplay is made even more efficient than before! In line with this, we’ll also have tons of events with epic rewards so that you can test out these changes and gain extra items with no additional effort! That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? And as always, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for all the fun and lovely things we have in-store!   ERP & Balance Patch Event Test out the changes we’ve implemented, and you’ll be coming back everyday just to haul in these epic rewards! It’s super easy! When you clear 3 dungeons within your level range daily you get rewarded for it! Get your hands on things like: [Cobo] Potion Sets, [Cobo] El Resonance Point Reset Scrolls, [Luriel] Life Stamina Potions, and so much more! Now, if you’re looking for a bit of a…


Our Moonlit Hero is Ready to Profess His Elternal Love!

Heya adventurers! How are you loving the reward from Adventurer Support? Don’t forget to login daily to get more epic rewards! And as always, go check out the Item Mall for the fun thing we have in-store for you this week!   Item Mall Goodies Noah is all suited up and ready to profess his undying love! He’s all decked out in his very own Elternal Love Costume Set! Get ‘em when they come out this week! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Get Easy Rewards! Just Login Daily!

Heya adventurers! This week is gonna be an epic week full of daily rewards and improvements! Yes, the improvements from last week’s pre-announcement goes live this week! So, go ahead, test ‘em out, and let us know what you think! And as always, don’t forget to also check out the Item Mall for all the amazing goodies we have this week! June Adventurer Support Event What’s that? You want more rewards? Say no more, fam! Just login for 20 minutes daily to get your rewards! Get items like: Spectral Amethysts, Sage’s Magic Stones, Imprint Stones and so much more! It’s super simple! Item Mall Goodies Strut your stuff in the library but do it quietly! Grace ye olde library with ye olde classy ensemble! Dress up in Antique Library Costume Set and go read your books! The ultimate room setup is yours! Retro and engaging and very cool! You and your friends will never want to leave when you’ve got DIY El House: City Pop Gaming Room! Noah’s ready to chill and freeze – the…


Ready to Become a PRO? Profession Revamp is Rolling Out This Week!

Heya adventurers! We’re making BIG changes again! And this week, it’s all about Professions! That’s right! Whether you chose Blacksmith, Alchemist, Treasure Hunter, we’ve got updates that we’d want you to experience immediately! Apart from that, don’t forget to check out the awesome Item Mall for a new IB that’s the GOAT!   Profession Revamp Event We’ll help you enjoy the new Profession Revamp to the fullest! You can change professions, get freebies, and more! Level up your profession quickly with the Profession EXP Boost Medal (50%) (1 Day)! Get this DAILY just by logging in for 10 minutes! Get [Cobo] Profession Change Tickets on the weekends so you can change your profession for FREE! Just login for a total of 120 minutes! And lastly, get Mark of Professions by completing daily and weekly quests! You can exchange them through Ariel for different goodies!   Item Mall Goodies You’re the G.O.A.T, he’s the G.O.A.T, she’s the G.O.A.T, everyone’s THE G.O.A.T when they complete this ensemble! Dress up for an…


The El Gang Springs into Full Bloom With a Casual Attire!

Heya adventurers! It’s gonna be a chill week after an intense last week! Did you complete last week’s rewards? Remember, there are more rewards coming in for Week 2 of the Attendance Check Event so don’t forget to claim them all! Additionally, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for new, awesome stuff for everyone!   Item Mall Goodies Let the blooms spring up and dress yourself in casual beauty! No need for bulky threads! Just feel the spring breeze with the Merry Days Costume Suit! Get ‘em soon!   Noah’s combat ready! Dress him up with the Combat Class Costume Set and enemies will flee at the sight of his intimidating appearance!   Noah shows off his brainy side while dressed up in his Elrios Detective Academy Costume Set! Mysteries will not remain unsolved once Noah gets on the case!   That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Rewards Daily? EASY! Just Login Every Day and Haul ‘Em In!

Heya adventurer! Thank you for participating in our 10 Anniversary events! We can see that y’all loved it and we’re incredibly happy to see the results of the survey as well! Were you surprised at the survey results or nah? Are you looking to next year’s anniversary? Don’t forget that you can still submit your art for a chance to win K-Ching! This week, after all the hustle and bustle of the anniversary, is kind of a chill week but that doesn’t mean nothing’s going on this week – read on to find out what else is happening! And as always, don’t forget to check out what we have in-store at the Item Mall!   Attendance Check Event Here’s an easy way to get rewards with very little effort! The effort? You just have to log in for 20 minutes! Get potions, drop rate and exp medals, magic stones, and more! Don’t miss a day and complete all these rewards!     Item Mall Goodies Be part of the…


Join Elsword’s 10th Anniversary! Freebies, Rewards & MORE Await!

Heya adventurers! We’ve started the EPIC 10th Anniversary Celebrations with a bang! I’m sure you’re all loving the pre-events we’re having but be warned, we’re not even done yet! We’ve only just begun! Stay tuned and watch out for what’s to come this week! And even though we’ve got all these goodies, don’t forget to take a peek at the Item Mall because we’ve got awesome stuff in-store!   Elsword 10th Anniversary Art Contest Get your creative juices flowing and show off your awesome art to the community! The best part? You just might win (along with 4 other artists) 5,000 K-Ching and have your art appear in-game! Here’s your chance! Submission starts tomorrow, May 4, 2021 PDT!   Elsword 10th Anniversary In-Game Events We’re filling your days and inventories with TONS of goodies and rewards! This is an anniversary you don’t want to miss! Get ready to get your hands on a FREE Ice Burner Set! Elsword to Laby gets an awesome Elpheus Set, while Noah gets his…


We’re Balancing Things Out & Rolling Out a Few Pruinaum Raid Improvements!

Heya adventurers! It’s a balance and improvement type of week this week! We’re bring you character balances that makes them stronger and better! And of course, we’re also rolling out improvements on the Pruinaum Raid! Want to find out what the changes and improvements are? Stay tuned this week for all the deets! And as always, don’t forget to take a look at the Item Mall for all the goodies coming out!   10th Anniversary Survey and Art Contest Our 10th anniversary is coming very soon, and to get started, we've announced a quick little survey and art contest to take part in! Our survey results will be posted with our 10th Anniversary Site when it goes live, and the Art Contest  is perfect for you to show your talent off in-game! You can check both out in the links below! Survey: https://elsword.koggames.com/2021/04/join-the-elsword-10th-year-anniversary-survey/ Art Contest: https://elsword.koggames.com/2021/04/elsword-10th-anniversary-art-contest/   Pruinaum Raid Improvements Event Gather your friends or teammates and get ready to go on a refreshing raid in Pruinaum where you’ll be bringing…

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