It’s time for growth with a new set of eyes!

Heya adventurers! We are stepping up the fashion for this week on top of the Punch Master and Class Change Event that has been happening!

Item Mall Goodies

Let time slow down with the mesmerizing Tourbillon Eye! With this custom eye, you’ll be able to complete your Tourbillon Ice Burner look or get it to mix-and-match with a chic outfit!

This week also debuts the Blossoming Youth Costume Suit! Cherish the beauty of spring with the perfect outfit to match!

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

Recent Entries:

Increase Your Power, Increase Your Rewards! Be a Powerful Punch Master

Heya adventurers, Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you had a great 2021 with us and we’re hoping for an even greater 2022 with you! This week, the goal for level 99s is to make yourself super strong and haul in epic rewards in the process! Of course, these rewards will contribute to increasing your power! If you’re not level 99 yet, you still have time to catch up! Let’s all make ourselves stronger and better this year! And as always, don’t forget to check out all the wonderful things we have at the Item Mall!   Powerful Punch Master Events Level 99 but don’t know what to do next? Well, let’s start by reaching certain Combat Power milestones to get rewards! Once you’ve achieved certain Combat Power (CP) milestones starting at 300,000 CP you’ll start to gain rewards like: [Ariel] Fighter Potions, [Ariel] Sage’s Magic Stones, [Ariel] Stamina Potions, and so much more! The highest CP you can achieve for the event is 1,500,000 CP! But we…


Turn Your Guild into a Summer Get Away!

Heya adventurers! How are you fairing with the Treasure Hunt and Plus Alpha events? Have you gotten all the Sanctus Seraphim parts you need? What about the event exclusive White Mass IB? Well, keep on doing it, you still have a week left! This week is gonna be another chill week before we bombard you again with exciting events! So, for now, why don’t take a gander at the Item Mall and check out all the fun, new items we have this week!   Item Mall Goodies Can’t go out to the beach? There’s no need to! We’re taking the resorts to your guild with the Summer Beach Guild Contract! Now, you can’t have a beach all-day every day!   Noah harnesses dark powers and becomes the ruler of the underworld with his new Ice Burner Thanatos! Complete this dark set when it comes out!   That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Our Moonlit Hero is Ready to Profess His Elternal Love!

Heya adventurers! How are you loving the reward from Adventurer Support? Don’t forget to login daily to get more epic rewards! And as always, go check out the Item Mall for the fun thing we have in-store for you this week!   Item Mall Goodies Noah is all suited up and ready to profess his undying love! He’s all decked out in his very own Elternal Love Costume Set! Get ‘em when they come out this week! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Go from Level 0 to 99! Jump to Max Level & Unlock Your Full Potential!

Heya adventurers! This week is going to be totally action-packed! First, we’ve added a new way for you to express yourselves! We’ve added this system called ‘Stickers’ so you can react and show a much wider range of emotion! Check it out for yourself when it comes out! Next up, we have an exciting Jumping Event! And as always, don’t forget to take a look at the new things we have at the Item Mall for this week! Full Growth Support Event When you create a new character during the event, they get all sorts of EPIC advantages and rewards! This is your time to get another powerful character! When you create any character from Elsword to Laby, you are guaranteed EPIC rewards once certain milestones have been reached (Regions for Elsword to Ain; Levels for Laby)! Get rewards such as: [Cobo] Combat Power Jump Support Special Accessories Cube, [Cobo] Shaviana Truffles Costume Full Set, [Ariel] +9 Apocalypse Type-Void Weapon Cube, [Ariel] +9 Elrianode Armor Cube, and so much more! Plus, there are even more rewards to…


Enjoy the Opening of Elrios Park & Solve Puzzles to Earn Rewards!

Heya adventurers! After a chill week last week, we’ve got tons of rewards and events prepared for you! First up, we have a fun but puzzling mini event where you can get awesome rewards! Next, you’ll find out what we have in-store for US Independence Day Celebration (hint: it’s gonna be spectacular!). And then we have a new function called “Presets” where you’ll be able to store different.. uhhh.. presets and switch them up with a click of a button! And as always, don’t forget to check out Item Mall for all the fun, new things we have for you this week!   Heart El Puzzle Mini Game There’s something puzzling going on and it’s up to you to solve it! Get ready to do this quick and easy mini game for TONS of rewards! Get 2 [Cobo] Heart El Puzzle Play Tickets when you login for 10 minutes every day! Be warned, you’ll only get 2 tickets while the event is ongoing! After successfully solving the puzzle, you’ll…

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