Game Life in Elsword Just Keeps Getting Better! There’s MORE Quality-of-Life Updates Coming!

Heya adventurers! How’d you like Part 1 of our QoL updates? We hope y’all are loving it because we’ve got more quality-of-life updates coming this week that’ll make your endgame life much, much easier! And as always, don’t forget to take a gander at the Item Mall this week because there’s a few fun stuffs coming in for Spring that we know you’ll love!


Quality of Life Events: Part 2

Test out the latest QoL update and your time spent in-game trying out these changes will be rewarded!

  • Your daily 30 minutes of login will reward you with a [Cobo] Quality of Life Support 2 Cube that contains [Luriel] Adventurer Support Potions and a [Luriel] Dungeon Entrance Ticket Selective Cube! So you can choose which dungeons you wanna hangout in!
  • Your weekends will be even better! When you login for 60 minutes, you’ll get a [Cobo] Quality of Life Special Support 2 Cube! When opened, it has Spectral Amethysts, [Luriel] Chlorite Seeds (5%) and other special goodies! So, don’t forget to check back on the weekends!
  • But we’re not even done yet! When you login for 60 minutes weekly you’ll get this awesome cube: [Cobo] Quality of Life Celebration Cube which contains titles to boost you up! Find out which titles when you get’em!


Item Mall Goodies

Nothing says “Spring is here” than a parade of florals and pastels wherever you go! Time to get the gang on board with a refreshing spring ensemble with Colorful Bloom! Get ‘em when it comes out!


Noah and Laby are the sweetest heroes! Give your foes more than a toothache with Noah/Laby Chocolatier sets! And let your enemies learn that even sugar has a kick! Get it this week!



That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

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