Let Your Eyes Do the Talking & Complete Your Masterful Look!

Heya adventurers! It’s time for another chill week after days of events and freebies! But that doesn’t mean it’s over! Independence Day events are still happening this week until next week so you have plenty of time to get all the rewards! Don’t forget to take a gander at the Item Mall this week for a new item that’ll make your eyes pop!

Item Mall Goodies

Watch enemies flee in fear with one look! Have an epic stare down with the Divinity of Seven Realms Custom Eyes! Each master will have a distinct set of eyes for characters under their tutelage! Get one or get ‘em all when they come out!


That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

Recent Entries:

Be Blessed and Relaxed with New Laby Goodies!

Heya adventurers! What an amazing Anniversary celebration that was! We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for celebrating with us as we turned 9! Without you guys, we wouldn’t have gotten this far! Now that the festivities are done, it’s time for a completely chill week before we surprise you again with something awesome!


Run Through the City and Search for the Mysterious Creatures!

Heya adventurers! Before anything else, we just want to remind you that if you haven’t gotten any or some of the Anniversary rewards yet, you only until the end of TODAY! Go get ‘em now ‘coz they’ll be disappearing very soon! We got a new Event Dungeon for y’all this week that will have you running all-over the city to catch a mystery creature!


It’s Our 9th Anniversary Soon! Get Ready for an EPIC Celebration!

Heya adventurers! Our actual anniversary day is still a few weeks away but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate early! So, check out more information below! But this is mostly a chill week so you can still focus your time and energy on the Varnimyr and Rigomor events – plus the anniversary events with more coming as we approach our Anniversary Day!


Get Hyped! Varnimyr & Rigomor Improvements Are HERE!

Heya adventurers! After the characters have gained power, it’s time for some more improvements – but this time the improvements are for Rigomor & Varnimyr! You won’t believe it until you try but we made sure it’s easier for everyone to reach end game power! Don’t take our word for it, though – go out there and run those raids and all these newly reworked dungeons! Also, login every day for the awesome Attendance Event to get rewards daily! And as always, don’t forget to check out plenty of the new stuff we have at the Item Mall!


Ain & Laby Can Update Their Wardrobes with These EPIC Costumes!

Heya adventurers! While it may be a bit of a chill week, you can continue to do and finish up your Master Class tasks so you can get ALL the rewards before it ends! But while doing your Master Class quests and collecting your rewards, don’t forget to visit the Item Mall to check out all the exciting stuff we have for you this week! Item Mall Goodies Ain is a doll made in heaven by the Goddess Ishmael to bring us joy and bring the baddies to complete and utter ruin! Teehee! Dress him up in his very own Stuffed Toy outfit when it comes out! Laby gets two new sets of IB! She’s slowly catching up in the Ice Burner department with her very own Ice Burner Perkisas and Ice Burner Masquerade Sets! Complete the pieces when they come out! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!

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