We’re Fine-Tuning Character Skills for a More Awesome Gameplay!

Heya adventurers! This week is going to be a very exciting one! We’ll only reveal one thing for now but watch out and get hyped for what’s to come for the rest of the week. But what we’ll reveal for now is that some changes are coming to select characters! We’re doing a little bit of a balancing act once again to improve your gameplay experiences so look forward to that! And as always, don’t forget to check out what we have at Item Mall this week!



Class Change Chance Event

We’re giving you a chance to change your class and other things! Just login for a total of 60 minutes to get both the [Cobo] Class Change Select Cube and the [Cobo] Physical/Magical Mystic Stone Change Ticket! Inside the Class Change Select Cube you can choose which ticket is most useful to you!



Item Mall Goodies

Ready to skate? Showoff your gnarly moves and your enemies will be so confused they’ll definitely run! Plus, you get to wear the coolest ensemble as you skate around town! Get the Street Skater Costume Set when it comes out!


By the grace of the El Masters, Noah has been granted immense power! Choose your favorite El Master Ice Burner or get them all for Noah! Watch out for Noah’s Salvatore Ice Burners and choose between the Ebalon Set, the Gaia Set, or the Ventus Set!



That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

Recent Entries:

Get Ready to Meet a New Nasod Queen! She Definitely Slays!

Heya adventurers! Another week, another awesome awesome path is making its way to Elrios. Eve is a changed Queen, and she will stop at nothing to achieve perfection! Get ready to meet her perfect form this week! And following her arrival, epic events surely follow! And as always, don’t forget to check out the wonderful goodies we have at the Item Mall this week!   Eve 4th Path Event Get ready to meet Eve as the Queen of Extinction! The path to perfection is paved with obliterated imperfections of anyone who opposes her! A new path coming means you get a new character slot! Get a free [Cobo] Character Slot Expansion Card (1 Space) just by logging in for 30 minutes! Clearing dungeons at least twice a day will reward players with [Cobo] Mark of Perfection – Eve! Use these to exchange epic rewards through Ariel! Rewards include: [Luriel] Inventory Expansion Slots, [Luriel] Figher Potions, [Luriel] Sage’s Magic Stones, and so much more! Complete a Chain quest for Eve…


Accessorize for the Beach & Make Noah An El Master!

Heya adventurers! How are y’all holding up with the plethora of events we have? Have you fought the master of the Pruinaum Outskirts yet? It’s gonna be another chill week so you can concentrate on the current events we have right now! Don’t forget to continue logging in everyday to get your daily rewards! Don’t forget to claim your in-game rewards if you haven’t yet! And as always, don’t forget to check out the fun new items we have at the Item Mall!   Item Mall Goodies Summer swag all year? Yes! The Ocean View Accessory Set will bring in that summer feels no matter the season! Get this hot set when they come out!   Noah’s harnessing the power of 3 El Master with 3 Ice Burner Sets! Get the power of your favourite El Master or get all 3 for Noah! Don him with the Salvatore Solace IB, Salvatore Rosso IB, or Salvatore Denif IB!   That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Get Ready to Challenge a NEW Boss! Prepare Yourselves with These Events!

  Hey adventurers! Hold on to your horses because this week is crazy! We’ve got tons of events planned which means tons of rewards and freebies will rain down soon! If you haven’t heard, both the Treasure Hunter and PLUS Alpha events have been extended! That’s right! You still have a chance to complete two awesome Ice Burner sets so go get ‘em! For this week though, keep on reading find out more about what’s going to happen. And as always, don’t forget to check out what we have at the Item Mall!   Pruinaum Outskirts Boss Event You’ve explored the rest of the Pruinaum Outskirts and witnessed the dangers hat lurk in it. Now, it’s time for you to challenge the master of Pruinaum Outskirts! Your 20 minutes of accumulative login will reward you with an awesome [Cobo] Plegas’s Labyrinth Trial Cube! What’s inside? You’ll find out soon! PLUS! When you login for a total of 60 minutes, you’ll receive the [Cobo] Class Change Select Cube which you…


Turn Your Guild into a Summer Get Away!

Heya adventurers! How are you fairing with the Treasure Hunt and Plus Alpha events? Have you gotten all the Sanctus Seraphim parts you need? What about the event exclusive White Mass IB? Well, keep on doing it, you still have a week left! This week is gonna be another chill week before we bombard you again with exciting events! So, for now, why don’t take a gander at the Item Mall and check out all the fun, new items we have this week!   Item Mall Goodies Can’t go out to the beach? There’s no need to! We’re taking the resorts to your guild with the Summer Beach Guild Contract! Now, you can’t have a beach all-day every day!   Noah harnesses dark powers and becomes the ruler of the underworld with his new Ice Burner Thanatos! Complete this dark set when it comes out!   That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Get Ready for a New Pruinaum Raid Experience! New Story Mode: UNLOCK!

Heya adventurers! We know you’re still trying to complete your White Mass and Sanctus Seraphim Ice Burners, but we want you to experience the new Pruinaum Raid Story Mode! So, this week that’s what you’ll get! Get ready for the fun events and the TONS of rewards and boosts you’re about to get! And as always, don’t forget to check out the fun new things we have at the Item Mall this week!   Pruinaum Raid Changes Event Pruinaum Raids are now more accessible with this new mode! Plus, the rewards are poppin’! So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss it! Clearing dungeons Daily and Weekly within your level range a few times will guarantee sweet rewards like: [Cobo] Raid Consumable Support Set, [Cobo] Adventurer Support Title Cube, and Reset Tickets! Get a FREE +9 Flames of Judgement – Demonic Weapon just by logging in ONCE for 30 minutes! Plus, there are other cool rewards just by logging in as well! And this weekend, you’ll get to enjoy…


Cool off with a nice drink as Noah makes a Splash to End the Summer!

Heya adventurers! How are y’all liking the new dungeons? Did you have fun exploring it? If you’re not at a level where you can explore it, well, it’s really easy to get to max level now that you’ll be able to breeze through it! Summer is nearly at its end, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed! Check out the Item Mall for all the wonderful goodies we have this week!   Item Mall Goodies Feeling the heat? Don’t worry! Just take a chill pill and dive right into this refreshing pitcher to cool you down! Get the Sparkling Shower Custom Motion when it comes out!   Noah’s ready to make more than a splash! He’s set to make waves at the beach or even the battlefield with his new Noah Swimwear Set! The premium package comes with an awesome Skill Cut-In!  Get it soon!   That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Discover What Lies Outside of Pruinaum! Continue the Journey!

Heya adventurers! We have so many things planned for this week and we hope you’re ready! How is Elsword’s 4th Path for you? All I can say is, this is the Genesis of things of more epic things to come very soon! For this week, y’all better prepare to journey out again and discover a whole new world! And what that entails is the many wonderful and epic events we have in-store! Haul in all the event rewards! And as always, don’t forget to check out what we have in-store at the Item Mall for you!     Pruinaum Outskirts Events We’ll hope you explore this new area easily! You just have to login, do a few easy tasks, and viola – rewards abound! When you login once for 20 accumulative minutes this week, you’ll instantly get 1 [Cobo] Pruinaum Outskirts Region Trial Cube! What’s inside? Find out when you get it! Get plenty of potions when you clear dungeons within your level range 3 times daily! Get an…


Keep Calm and Keep on Doing Elsword’s 4th Path Events! Plus, We Got Something to Make You JELLY!

Heya adventurers! How are you liking Elsword’s 4th Path so far? We hope you’ve gotten all the free wardrobe tickets last weekend! This week is a chill week since we’d like you to focus on the events so you can finish them and get all the wonderful rewards! But don’t forget to take a peek at the Item Mall to see what wonderful goodies we have for you this week!   Elsword 4th Path Events As you continue focusing on the 4th Path Events, we’d like to remind you that this Saturday’s Burning boost is Drop Rate X2~! You can once again farm materials to your heart’s content!   Item Mall Goodies Why be jelly when you can be jelly? With the Jellyfish Mood Accessory Set you can take a small piece of the ocean with you and turn heads this summer! Get it and flaunt it when it comes out! Noah’s ready to make waves with his newest swimsuit set! Get the Noah Sailor Swimwear and make a…

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