Lock In on These Wonderful Locks Because They’re Back!

Heya adventurers! Have you already pre-registered for The Final Quattuors Part 2? You only have a week left! Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on exclusive Merch or K-Ching! Have you started on the 2023 Special Events? If you haven’t yet, get started now because you’ll have a chance to complete an event exclusive Ice Burner Set! And as always, don’t forget to check out the wonderful things we have at the Item Mall this week!


Item Mall Goodies

You’ve lucked out on these locks! These wonderful hairstyles are back so you can get them play around with the colors! Get your hands on the Lord Academy, Colorful Bloom, Elrios Detective Academy, Gentle Chamberlain, and Street Skater Hairstyles!


That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

Recent Entries:

After All the Battles, Noah’s Just Chilling and Being Still!

Heya adventurers! How y'all doing? Have you been logging in every day during the Autumn Attendance Event? Don't forget to do so every day otherwise you're going to miss out on some epic rewards! Remember to also grab stuff from the Class Change Event if you haven't yet! It's a one and done deal and it's about to end very soon! And as always, don't forget to check out the fun things we have the Item Mall!   Item Mall Goodies Noah's working hard being the hero of Elrios and he needs a well-deserved break! He can hang out take in the tranquility that the Elysion Tree brings, or he could pretend to be a noble statue with Glorious Statue!   That's all for now, folks~ See y'all in-game!


Here’s Something to Look Forward to Every Day! Rewards are Waiting!

  Heya adventurers! There are so many freebies this week! Announce your presence and prepare your inventories because it’s going to be filled with tons of epic rewards once again! Plus, don't forget to participate on our current Community Events and get yourself a chance to win K-Ching and be recognized for your talents! Come check out and join Laby's 4th Path Fan Art Event and 4th Path Emote and Sticker Event! And as always, don't forget to check out the Item Mall for all the wonderful things we have this week!   Autumn Attendance Event You want rewards? We got rewards! All you have to do is log-in every day to get rewards like [Luriel] Sage's Magic Stones, [Luriel] Fighter Potions, [Luriel] Blessed Chlorite Seeds 5%, and so much more! Start logging in when it begins!   Class Change Event Wanting to try out a new class? Here's your chance! When you login for 30 minutes you'll get a [Cobo] Class Change Select Cube where you can choose which Class…


Empowered by the Masters, Noah Receives the Divinity of Seven Realms!

Heya adventurers! How are you loving Laby’s 4th Path so far? It feels like it was only yesterday when Elsword’s 4th Path just came out but now, there’s only a few more characters left! Looking back aside, it’s going to be a chill week so you can focus on finishing current in-games events! But watch out for next week! It’s going to jam-packed especially on the Community Events side! We’re starting off with a Laby 4th Path Fan Art so you can get creative on how you want to draw our little troublemaker and get get a chance to win K-Ching when your art is selected! Stay tuned in the following days because that’s not all of it! And if you’re extremely confident in your PVP skills, Rena’s Tournament Registration is on-going! Show ‘em how Rena is a strong, independent elf! And as always, don’t forget to take peek at the Item Mall for the fun, new things we have!     Item Mall Goodies Noah has been called…


Get Ready for Trouble! It’s the Villains’ Time to Shine! Laby’s 4th Path is Coming!

Heya adventurers! Prepare yourself because there’s trouble brewing! Or rather, there will be trouble brewing with Laby’s 4th Path running amok! Get ready to meet this uncontrollable punky troublemaker this week and see what chaos she capable of creating! Also, don’t forget that you only have a few days left to get rewards for Powerful Punch Master! And always don’t forget to check out all the fun and new things we have the Item Mall for you!   Laby 4th Path Event To protect herself and Nisha, Laby decides to let her rebellious side take over! Join Twins Picaro to create her and Nisha’s dream wonderland while filling your inventories with epic rewards! New path coming means you get a new character slot! Get a free [Cobo] Character Slot Expansion Card (1 Space) just by logging in for 30 minutes! Clearing dungeons at least twice a day will reward players with [Cobo] Mark of Troublemaker – Laby! Use these to exchange epic rewards through Ariel! Rewards include: [Luriel] Inventory…


Attack with a Flair! Time to Show Off Your Skills!

Heya adventurers! How are ya'll loving the newest dungeons? Have you done any of them yet? If not, then you still have time because we've got some sweeeet rewards waiting for you! But this week is kind of a chill week so you can continue with our on-going events (which we have plenty of)! But prepare yourself for this weekend because we've got a surprise! Stay tuned for more information! And as always, don't forget to check out all the fun things we have at the Item Mall for you!     Item Mall Goodies You've got the power! But do you have the flair to pair it with? Add excitement and beauty to your attacks with new Skill Cut-Ins and maybe your enemies will be so mesmerized they get hit to oblivion! And more!   Noah's vacation ready! Be the quintessential tourist with a classic vacationer getup! Get your hands on Noah's Floral Holiday Costume Set available in different colorations and patterns!   That's all for now, folks~…


Explore a New Raid and Find Out What’s Waiting for the El Search Party!

Heya adventurers! Hold on to your weapons and maybe your friends' hands! We have plenty of ongoing events already and we're going to be adding more this week! A new Raid has just opened and the El Search Party are already raring to go! Get ready to explore and haul but don't forget about the other ongoing events we have like the Powerful Punch Master, and the 2022 Summer Special Events! Phew, this is going to be such a jam-packed week! And as always don't forget to check out the fun things we have at the Item Mall!     Raid Support Event Before you go seriously exploring the newest Abyss Raid, don't forget to get your hands on some epic goodies that will help you prepare! When you login for 10 accumulative minutes, you'll receive a [Cobo] Reset Ticket Select Cube. Extend your accumulative login time to 30 minutes, then you'll get another one! Clear quest conditions once a week to get rewards such as: [Cobo] Shining Mystic…


Spend An Epic Summer with Us! The 2022 Summer Special Event is Going to be Superb!

Heya adventurers! The epic events will continue this week! Prepare yourselves to get the most out of the 2022 Summer Special Event! We're sure you're wondering what it is, but you'll just have to wait till later this week to find out! But don't forget, the Powerful Punch Master Event is still ongoing so you can get even more rewards the higher your Combat Power becomes! And as always, don't forget to take a peek at the Item Mall this week to check out all the fun things we have instore!   Item Mall Goodies Noah's not gonna let anyone dampen his style! With the Nereid Ice Burner Set and the Nereid Eye, he's already the powerful King of the Sea! Complete the set soon and complete the look with his matching eye!   That's all for now, folks~ See y'all in-game!


Punch Master is BACK! The More Powerful You Are, The More Rewards You Haul In!

Heya adventurers! Your reasons to get stronger just got a whole lot better! Reach for those lofty goals because Powerful Punch Master is back! That’s right the stronger you are, the better the rewards! If you’ve got a character you’ve been dying to level up, here’s your chance! Also, Elrios Pass Season 2 will begin soon! That means you’ll get more rewards just for doing daily and weekly activities! But there are also challenges you can do that’ll give you even more! And we can't forget about the summer revamps happening! As always, don’t forget to check out the fun stuff we have at the Item Mall this week!     Powerful Punch Master Events Once you've reached 99, the higher your CP is the better the rewards! Reach certain CP milestones and haul the goodies you deserve! Once you’ve achieved certain Combat Power (CP) milestones starting at 300,000 CP you’ll start to gain rewards like: [Ariel] Fighter Potions, [Ariel] Sage’s Magic Stones, [Ariel] Stamina Potions, and so much…

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