Game Life in Elsword Just Keeps Getting Better! There’s MORE Quality-of-Life Updates Coming!

Heya adventurers! How’d you like Part 1 of our QoL updates? We hope y’all are loving it because we’ve got more quality-of-life updates coming this week that’ll make your endgame life much, much easier! And as always, don’t forget to take a gander at the Item Mall this week because there’s a few fun stuffs coming in for Spring that we know you’ll love!


Quality of Life Events: Part 2

Test out the latest QoL update and your time spent in-game trying out these changes will be rewarded!

  • Your daily 30 minutes of login will reward you with a [Cobo] Quality of Life Support 2 Cube that contains [Luriel] Adventurer Support Potions and a [Luriel] Dungeon Entrance Ticket Selective Cube! So you can choose which dungeons you wanna hangout in!
  • Your weekends will be even better! When you login for 60 minutes, you’ll get a [Cobo] Quality of Life Special Support 2 Cube! When opened, it has Spectral Amethysts, [Luriel] Chlorite Seeds (5%) and other special goodies! So, don’t forget to check back on the weekends!
  • But we’re not even done yet! When you login for 60 minutes weekly you’ll get this awesome cube: [Cobo] Quality of Life Celebration Cube which contains titles to boost you up! Find out which titles when you get’em!


Item Mall Goodies

Nothing says “Spring is here” than a parade of florals and pastels wherever you go! Time to get the gang on board with a refreshing spring ensemble with Colorful Bloom! Get ‘em when it comes out!


Noah and Laby are the sweetest heroes! Give your foes more than a toothache with Noah/Laby Chocolatier sets! And let your enemies learn that even sugar has a kick! Get it this week!



That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

Recent Entries:

The Cutest Accessory You’ll Never Want to Part With!

Heya adventurers! Guess what? It’s kind of a chill this week so you have time to use up whatever rewards you got for the past week because, fo’ sho’, something’s coming up that’ll fill them up yet again! But don’t forget that everybody, and we mean everybody – not just new players, will get a New Adventurer Event Rewards just by logging in!


It’s Thanksgiving Week in Elrios! Join the Elsword & the Gang for Boosts and Rewards!

Heya adventurers, it’s Thanksgiving week in Elrios and that means a bounty of boosts and rewards is about to drop! There’s an extra special pass for everyone that you have to watch out for because the boosts and the buffs you get are INSANE! Plus, watch out for what we have in store for Black Friday! What could go on sale? Stay tuned because it’s an EPIC surprise! 2020 El Mega Day Event Get hyped and get pumped up because this week is just absolutely awesome! TONS of rewards and so much more are coming right at you! Run to the Item Mall and get your hands on the El Mega Pass! It’ll give you EPIC buffs and boosts for 1 full hour at your own convenience! Just activate it when you’re ready and you’re ready to go! The best part? It’s costs 0 K-Ching! And then prepare yourself for a special Burning days where you’ll get x2 Drop Rates for different dungeons on specific dates! There's more surprises…


GM Plays is Back & There’s More to Do! Time to Make Your Skills Look Fancy!

Heya adventurers! GM Plays is back for the month of November! Instead of helping you clear one region, we’ll help you with multiple ones! Plus, we’ve added PVP-based activities which will give you a chance to nab TONS of K-Ching for you and the whole winning team! Isn’t that just perfectly splendid? So, go prep for both PVE and PVP events and your favorite GMs will see you there! Also, don’t forget to take a quick gander at the new stuff we have for you at the Item Mall this week! GM Plays When you play with GMs, the rewards are sweet but that K-Ching prize is sweeter! Join other players for a heckin’ good time at dungeon runs and team PVPs! SCHEDULE OVERVIEW: • Mondays: Elrianode Region Dungeons • Tuesdays: Varnimyr Region Dungeons • Wednesdays: Master Road Dungeons • Thursdays: GMs vs Community Events (NA Only) • Fridays: 2v2 Pop-Up Tourney Event (NA Only) For a more detailed look at the GM Plays Event, please check the article…


Characters Have Been Balanced & We’re Dancing for Joy!

Heya adventurers! We’re balancing the skills and the abilities of a few characters this week! There will also be a few changes in general which you can check out when they come out! Plus! We’ve got awesome events to accompany these awesome changes so you can test ‘em out for yourself! And don’t forget to take a long, hard peek at the Item Mall because this week we have wonderful stuff that you’ll definitely love! Balance Patch Event Spoil yourself with TONS of rewards coming your way! All you have to do for is login and do very easy quests! Easy-peasy! Your accumulative login times will reward you handsomely! The longer you login the more rewards you’ll get once a week for 2 weeks! Get Ready for rewards like the [Cobo] Class Change Select Cube and more tickets and rewards to help you with your adventures! PLUS! Get DAILY rewards for completing dungeon and PVP quests! Now, isn’t that simple? Item Mall Goodies Victories all one after the other? Dance…


See the World with Citrus-colored Eyes!

Heya adventurers! This week is kind of a very chill week while we let you finish quests and get rewards from 2 – count ‘em- 2 ongoing events! Don’t forget about the Harmony Festival events (you only have a week and some days to do all the events) and the Halloween both happening right now~! And as always, go take a peek at the Item Mall to check out the new and not-so-new but awesome things we have in store! Item Mall Goodies Open your eyes and let the world see you differently! Your bright, citrusy peepers will catch people’s attention! Get your Lime Eyes when it comes out! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!


Halloween Comes Early in Elrios and It’s Bringing in Plenty of Goodies!

Heya adventurers! We have a new event coming this week for Halloween! But first, remember we still have plenty of Harmony Festival events where tons of rewards are waiting to get into your inventories! Plus, as mentioned, this week is an early Halloween celebration in Elrios so you can get more rewards for longer! And as always, remember to take a long, hard peek at the Item Mall because we got some new stuff coming in this week as well! Halloween Event Trick?... Or treat? You’ll definitely be getting treats for Halloween when you’re with us! Plus, a home and a furniture for your character! 60 & 90 minutes of your accumulative logins will guarantee that you get 1 [Cobo] Housing Contract and 1 [Luriel] Halloween Chair respectively! But wait, that’s not all! As you fill up your Halloween Candy Gauge, you will get additional rewards depending on the stage it’s filled up! You’ll get [Cobo] DIY El House (Halloween), [Luriel] Refined Recovery Potions, and more! Get exciting Halloween-themed…


The Harmony Festival Continues and Unique Skill Cut-Ins Are on The Way!

Heya adventurers! The exciting Harmony Festival continues this week with plenty of events to do and tons of rewards to fill your inventories to the brim! Plus, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall this week because we have unique skill cut-ins for each of the character (except Laby. Sorry, Laby!). Don’t wait until the last minute to join the festivities! Get to it! Item Mall Goodies Dish out your mad skills and add a beautiful illustration every time you do! We guarantee you’ll love seeing it so much you’ll be using your skills more and more! Get your favorite character’s (or all of the characters’) Illustration Skill Cut-In! And more! That’s all for now folks~ See y’all in-game!

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