It’s Time to Sink Deeper into the Abyss! Meet Luciel’s 4th Path!

Heya adventurer! Let’s end the month with a jam-packed week! You’re all going to meet Luciel’s 4th Path as they finally sink deeper into the abyss! Be sure to check out the gameplay of these two! And because we get another character’s 4th path, you better get you inventories ready for the tons of rewards you’ll be getting soon! And as always, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for all the wonderful new things we have for you this week!



Luciel 4th Path Events

Is this where Luciel’s journey falls apart? Join the Lord of Futility and the Merciless Vassal’s new adventure while you haul in the rewards!

  • New path coming means you get a new character slot! Get a free [Cobo] Character Slot Expansion Card (1 Space) just by logging in for 30 minutes!
  • Clearing dungeons at least twice a day will reward players with [Cobo] Mark of Contract – Luciel! Use these to exchange epic rewards through Ariel! Rewards include: [Luriel] Inventory Expansion Slots, [Luriel] Figher Potions, [Luriel] Sage’s Magic Stones, and so much more!
  • Complete the chain quest to get rewards such as: [Ariel] Milky Way Party Accessories, [Ariel] El Tree Seeds, [Ariel] Sinister Intent Entrance Tickets, and MORE!



Item Mall Goodies

Want a spa day? There’s no need to look for a 5-star spa when you can turn your own home into one – complete with all the fittings! Get your hands on the El House DIY (Angel’s Relaxation) and invite your friends to hang out!



Noah accents his posh look with a couple of chick-y accents! With his new Dear Little Bird costume, he’s going to be feeling a lot chirpier! Get his full costume set this week!



That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

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The Sweater Weather Begins! Keep Warm During Harmony Fest!

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Take a rest and send your enemies to dream land with you!

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Did Someone Say House Improvements? We Did! Check Out the Update!

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