Halloween Comes Early in Elrios and It’s Bringing in Plenty of Goodies!

Heya adventurers! We have a new event coming this week for Halloween! But first, remember we still have plenty of Harmony Festival events where tons of rewards are waiting to get into your inventories! Plus, as mentioned, this week is an early Halloween celebration in Elrios so you can get more rewards for longer! And as always, remember to take a long, hard peek at the Item Mall because we got some new stuff coming in this week as well!

Halloween Event

Trick?… Or treat? You’ll definitely be getting treats for Halloween when you’re with us! Plus, a home and a furniture for your character!

  • 60 & 90 minutes of your accumulative logins will guarantee that you get 1 [Cobo] Housing Contract and 1 [Luriel] Halloween Chair respectively!
  • But wait, that’s not all! As you fill up your Halloween Candy Gauge, you will get additional rewards depending on the stage it’s filled up! You’ll get [Cobo] DIY El House (Halloween), [Luriel] Refined Recovery Potions, and more!
  • Get exciting Halloween-themed furniture from [Cobo] DIY El House (Halloween) and when you decorate your house with it, you’ll get an awesome Halloween buff! You’ll need at least 3 Halloween furniture!
  • You can also get [Cobo] Halloween Pumpkins which you can exchange for Halloween furniture as well!

Item Mall Goodies

We’re revamping the rural looking overalls and making it more hip and full of youthful energy! Get your hands on some cool Fabulous Overalls when they come out this week!

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

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