Noah’s Winter Picks: Cozy or Festive?


Heya, adventurers! Hope you got some well-deserved rest and quality time over the past weekend. Are you having fun exploring Add’s 4th Path? This week isn’t too busy, so you can pour your attention into working your way to becoming Overmind! Just a little over a week left to earn rewards from the Mad Doctor event!


Item Mall Goodies Arriving November 30th 

Noah gets to try out new costume suits this week! First, the Animal Pajama – Desert Fox Costume Suit for a cozy, snuggly look in between parties.


Then we have the Elrios Choir Costume Suit for those who like to harmonize with the Elgang!



Snazzy things up with stickers! Diary Decoration Confetti sure can brighten up your day.



Finally, you can be more like Add with the effect accessory, Awakening: Add!




That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

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